Owning a salon requires professionalism, hair-cutting talent, and sense of humor.

Shelly Schaap embodies all of that!

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*Shelly Schaap; Owner and hairstylist/cosmetologist with Intrigue Salon & Day Spa. Image taken 08/04/2020 ~ to make an appointment with Shelly for a haircut/color/pedicure or manicure, please call (219) 322-9454

Shelly Schaap; Owner and Hairstylist of Intrigue Salon & Day Spa

With the wonderful new addition to the salon website, I feel it is important to introduce one of the most amazing women who I have had the pleasure of working with in Indiana. Her name is Shelly Schaap, and she is the business woman, salon owner and cosmetologist/hairstylist/nail technician with Intrigue Salon & Day Spa in Dyer.


Shelly graciously allowed me to take a few photographs the other day, as I stated to her, that she deserved a page to let everyone get a little insight of this lovely person who I call my friend. From my personal interest of getting to know her better, she and I sat down in the main studio for a quick interview on the afternoon of August 4, 2020.


She has a heart of gold and quite talented with all aspects of cutting hair, styling it, and her incredible techniques with hair color. From an amazingly successful career which spans over 3 decades, Shelly is usually booked each day, and if you are fortunate enough to get pampered by her, you will understand the reasons why. 

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How long have you been doing hair?

Since 1986


How long have you owned this establishment, in this particular location?

We have been in this location for 3 years. The year of 2010 I opened up in the other store, and 7 years later I came here at 425 Joliet Street in Dyer, Indiana. It is a very unique salon and we are located on the second floor in suite 212. As soon as you get off the elevator, we are located on the right side. The layout of the building is beautiful and I love this location.  


Where was the other salon located?

It was on the corner of Route 30 and Calumet.


What do you love about hair?

I love the transformation; of somebody wanting something new, and I get to create something fun for them or if they need a change. The end result is what I really like, more than anything else, when I am doing something different.


Because you have done so many haircuts, when you are completely done, does it look exactly like you expected?

Sometimes I look at a client who requires a change, and in the end, it always works out and flatters their whole look. As an example, I may offer a comment letting them know, ‘this is not working for you, let’s change it up a bit’.


What about color? Do you love to color hair, too?"

Yes, absolutely. The coloring part is my favorite, where the aspect of creating something new, then seeing the end result.


"What is your forte with color? Is it color correction?

Color corrections, highlights, color matching, formulations; the entire process of coloring and what it entails is what I love to do.

Shelly Schaap owner/hairdresser of Intrigue Salon & Day Spa in Dyer Indiana
Shelly Schaap owner/hairdresser of Intrigue Salon & Day Spa in Dyer Indiana
*Photo: Arlene Kelley; Salon Coordinator and Shelly Schaap Salon Owner/Cosmetologist with Intrigue Salon & Day Spa

*Photo: Arlene Kelley; Salon Coordinator and Shelly Schaap Salon Owner/Cosmetologist with Intrigue Salon & Day Spa

What inspired you to be a hairstylist?

You know, I was always passionate even as a kid.


Did you cut your doll’s hair?

I cut my doll’s hair. I also would pretend like I had a salon in my backyard and cut my neighbor’s kids hair. Also cut my friend’s hair. In the end, then I would get in a little trouble, because I botched it up. (.. she giggles) Because you know, I was only like ten years old cutting hair. I also would do ear piercing in my backyard, when I would have my salon days, outside in the yard. My friends would come over and I would say, “Do you want to get your ears pierced today?” And then would eventually go home and say to their mother, ‘Mom and dad, look what I got from Shelly.’


On the subject of piercing, did you ever pierce your own ears?

No, I never pierced my own, but pierced the ears of several of the kids in the neighborhood.


With hair, do you cut your own hair?

No. Never. 

Why not?

Because I end up cutting myself. Like it’s backwards in the mirror for me. So I end up slicing my finger. So for those reasons, I never cut my own hair. Maybe I might do a bang.


With your cosmetology career where did get your education and go to school?

I went to Creative Hair Styling Academy in Highland, Indiana. Which currently, it is the building of Tricoci University. The year was 1986 when I completely my curriculum and graduated. That was in the age of era when you had to dress like a nurse. Meaning, we had to wear white-on-white; with white shoes, white pants; almost like a nursing uniform. Even the white shoes we had to wear had to be always presentable and polished, and could not be scuffed.


How long was your school training?

For 1,500 hundred hours of education, where it was around 9 months long.

With your successful location that you have now, what do you love about this particular Salon?

It feels a little bit more upscale, and has a bright and open-space concept. Even though it is categorized as an upscale salon, we don’t come across snooty, or anything like that.

The good thing, is that my client’s enjoy coming here, because the lay out feels like a comfortable “loft” space, with big windows where you can see outside, as well as what is going on within the inside of the building. It is a perfect setting for us. Most people who come in here, always say that this is a beautiful salon, for the way everything is designed, as well as having a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. And you have the perfect privacy that is required for a personal haircut. Even though everything is out in the open, my client’s still feel comfortable in their salon chair during their beauty session. How they feel, is very important to me.

In conclusion, I would also like to add that when the salon is busy, I still love that “chatter” which naturally comes with a busy salon. You know, that wonderful and energized feeling of everyone getting something beautiful done. Feeling beautiful is a necessity in our lives. Whether it is a haircut, color or even a manicure. My salon is the perfect size, where it is not too big. We have amazing professional hair stylists here, who work their business and rent their stations. We have something for everyone. I feel very blessed.