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Kelly Cavanaugh, LMT, CMLDT, Reiki Level 1

Tom Cavanaugh, BA, LMT, CKTS

Swedish Massage

The traditional massage features light to medium pressure and is customized to you and your needs to relieve tension, soothe tired and achy muscles and promote relaxation.

Suitable for expectant mothers.

30 min*.....$40.00

60 min.....$65.00

90 min.....$95.00

Deep Tissue/Sports

A therapeutic massage, incorporating compression and trigger point therapy, that deeply penetrates tissue.  Perfect for athletes who want to enhance their training program.

Available with Tom only.

30 min*.....$45.00

60 min.....$80.00

90 min.....$120.00

Oncology Massage

This soothing massage features very light pressure, a slow rhythmic flow and is suitable for most individuals in active cancer treatment or those with severe illness.

Available with Kelly only.

30 min*.....$40.00

60 min.....$65.00

90 min...NA

*30 minutes will focus on targeted areas such as the shoulders, back and neck OR legs and feet.  It is NOT sufficient time to address the entire body.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual techniques designed to increase the movement of lymph and interstitial fluid.

Available with Kelly only.

30 min*...$40.00

60 min...$65.00

90 min...NA

Currently not available for those with recent cosmetic surgeries such as Tummy Tucks.

*30 minutes will focus on targeted areas such as the arms or legs.  It is not sufficient time to address the entire body.  

Scar Therapy

Gentle scar tissue mobilization with light techniques can increase range of motion and relieve tightness following surgery or injury.  

Available with Kelly only.

30 min...$40.00

60 min...$65.00

(based upon need only)

90 min...NA

Scar Therapy should be received at regular intervals to have the most benefit.

Energy Therapy

This blend of Reiki and Native American Energy work can leave you feeling uplifted, recharged, relaxed, and promotes the body's own healing.

Available with Kelly only.

30 min...$40.00

60 min...$65.00

90 min...NA


An elastic tape that lifts and separates tissues to aid in healing from injury/surgery by draining excess fluid, relieves pain and swelling, and can help with range of motion.  Tape will not interfere with normal activity.

Available with Tom only.

$20.00 per area


This gentle yet highly effective technique utilizes negative pressure via a Vacutherapy machine to reduce scar tissue, release adhesions without deep pressure, drain lymph, and so much more.

Currently available with Tom only.

30 min...$45.00

Incorporated in a 60 min Swedish Massage session...$80.00


Essential oils can help address many health issues including depression, anxiety, pain, gastric distress, allergies and more.  Essential oils are available for purchase, custom blends upon request.


Kelly: (219) 381-9772 (text/call)
Tom: (219) 333-1972 (text/call)

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